Thursday 30 May 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Number 14 Ugliest

This was hard at first because I love every polish I have, but after looking at all my untried OPI My Pointe Exactly stood out for being ugly, I thought 'Ew grey and sheer, that is going to look horrible'. I'd even saw pictures before and thought it looked pretty bad.  

Also sorry about the pictures, it was either huge or weirdly stretched out. My blog is being mean.

Natural Light - Shade

Although when I tried it, it really changed my mind, maybe it just looks better in person, but I love the way it looks just for when I want to give my nails a break.  It also looks so classy with the colour and the shine on it. 

 Natural Light - Sun

Because it was sheer, and I have had streaky sheers I was a little worried, but the application was flawless. I used four coats to make it at least fairly opaque, just because I wanted to hide most of my nail line.  This is without a top coat, so it is just that lovely and shiny without anything helping it.

Natural Light - Shade

My Pointe Exactly is from the OPI NYC Ballet collection, and I personally think it is a nice pretty sheer grey. I am now really glad that I ended up getting it, and I will for sure use it for work, and for days when I want to give my nails a colour break.

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- Anna

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  1. I don't think this one is ugly at all! It really gives, as you say, a classy look. My sister actually has a grey polish on her wishlist for birthday, but I have not been able to find a proper grey, but I think I will get this one.. Yay, problem solved! :P

    1. I agree, it is hard to pick one and call it really ugly! it's like calling one of your children ugly! :p

      Ohh that is good! haha, yea I am glad I have this one, plus I like sheers because they look so juicy.