Thursday 16 May 2013

It's that awesome time of the year!! Star Trek Into Darkness

So I don't often get a reason to wear my uniform, yes I have a uniform, so I needed nails to match. I spent the day running around and looking for a good matching polish. The problem is it's kinda a hard colour to match by what is in the bottle. Lucky for me the girl working at the cosmetics counter was willing to let me try every single Teal until a found my match and surprise surprise it was GOSH :p

( My next post will say why my pointer is so tiny :( )

So I started with GOSH Golden Dragon, which in the bottle looks almost green because it's got a mad gold shimmer to it, but when you put it on, it dries to the right colour.

Natural Light - Sun

I did two coats of Golden Dragon, and it went on pretty well, it did leave a bit of brushstrokes because of the shine it has to it, but I cured this by just using a thick coat on top and it went away as it dried. 

On top I used GOSH Nero, and GOSH Gold to make the uniform badge as it is the right colour of gold. 

I used the Sally Hansen Wine Allusion for the nurse symbol, and I threw a topcoat over it to finish it off.

Natural light - Shade

I was a tad hurried, but I am really super happy with how it turned out and how well it matches my uniform! Yay excited for tonight!

- Anna

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  1. Hellz yeah Trekkie nails!! Have fun at the movie!

  2. This is super awesome!! I really liked the move :)

    1. Thank you! I also liked it, it wasn't really 'star trek', but it sure was fun.

  3. Your nails look amazing! I've never actually seen the original Star Trek series but I really enjoyed the movie!

    1. Whattt? :p Hahaha I'm a huge fan, I've watched every show from all the different star treks, so I would have liked it no matter what. I think it's great to hear you enjoyed it without seeing any series!!