Tuesday 28 May 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Number 13 Most expensive

I am somehow behind now, so I am going to do a few in the next few days to catch up!

I feel like this one is misleading since I always use ones that cost me a lot right away. So I picked two OPI that I bought in the town I live in, since it's a small town and it's 11.50$ a bottle here. Which is why I normally get them in the city that is actually very nearby for between 5$ and 7.50$. But at the time both of these I loved so much I had to get them right away. I used Kennebunk-Port as the bright red under, which is way more red than it looks in the bottle, and Royal Rajah Ruby for the darker red.

Natural Light - Shade

I didn't have huge plans for this, I did one coat of  Kennebunk-Port and man is it a pretty red, I was going to throw on a few gems and be done, but it was actually so much brighter than in the bottle that I felt I needed to darken it down a little for when I'm in class. The formula was amazing and I felt pretty good about my nails with one thick coat. I ended up using the other red that I could actually remember paying full price for which was Royal Rajah Ruby to cover most of it though. 

 Natural Light - Sun

Royal Rajah Ruby is wayyyy more pretty than in the bottle, the red is so deep, and it has a shimmer that you don't really notice that much when you aren't looking at close pictures of it. 95% of the time it looked like the top picture, but when the light catches it you can see that pretty shimmer. I really like gold so I threw a few gems on top just to give it a little extra.

 Natural Light - Flash

See that awesome shimmer?!? I loved both of these polishes, even if Kennebunk-Port did turn out to be a really vampy red. That means I will just use it on days off rather than on days I am teaching class. I would recommend both of these colours if you like reds, they both treated me so nice.

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- Anna

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  1. This design really speaks to me since I LOVE vampy reds! I just always have such a hard time capturing reds in photos (which is why I always give up my red projects), but these photos are great!
    Oh and another thing - be happy that you don't live in Denmark... One OPI costs 125 Danish kroner, which I believe must be 22$! So with 11,5$ I would be in heaven! ;)

    1. Yay, glad you like them! I love reds too, I find natural light is normally best for photos. They just look way more flat under my fluorescent lights.

      Ouch!! That is some expensive polish! I will for sure feel better paying for them now :p

  2. That shimmery red is just beautiful. I need to get myself one of those!

    1. I know, it's really fantastic. I am go glad I ended up buying it.