Wednesday 8 May 2013

Yay got a good haul today :)

My Zoya came in the mail!! so I made a trop down to the US and picked it up.

I had ordered Trixie, Yummy, Blu, Kerry, Happi, Austine, and Emme. Also on the way to pick up the package I stopped off at winners and picked up the OPI OZ minis, OPI Alpine snow, and a large bottle of OPI Oy-- Another Polish Joke because a mini will not be enough for me.  I also picked up another GOSH Nero because I was pretty much out.

Ugh I have a problem >>;;

anyways I am excited soooo that means a picture!!

Top OPI Oy-- Another Polish Joke, OPI Oz Minis,  OPI Alpine snow
Middle GOSH Nero
Bottom Zoya - Kerry,  Emme, Happi, Blu, Yummy, Trixie, Austine
Right away I tried Austine on one nail because I heard it was a non-flashy gold. I didn't feel it was really gold, It's more like a bronze or something. I am not sure if it was bad from the car ride home, but Holy Streaks and Bubbles Batman!! I have never had a problem with a nail polish like this, so I am giving it the benefit of doubt because it was just mailed and I drove home with it. 
Zoya Austine

I kinda feel it's the colour like my grandma would use, so it would be good if I do her nails again. I am going to go and stare at my polish for a while now :p

- Anna


  1. This looks like such a fun haul! Sorry about the streaky gold. :( I just used Blu today and I can vouch for its amazingness!

    1. I haven't had a big one like this in a long time, it was a good day!

      Thank you for letting me know! I have been drooling about Blu for a while and I have to admit I was a little nervous.

      It might just be the travel too, I will let Austine sit and try again tomorrow. I am thinking if it is still weird a little polish thinner might make it saveable.

  2. wonder how OY and Kerry compare, could you do a quick comparison?

    1. Yes I can do that for sure, they are actually very different polishes. I just did my nails today, I change them every day or two, so next time I change them I will do a comparison for you.