Saturday 1 June 2013

It's the first of the month so I treated myself and got OPI Chic From Ears To Tail!

And then I got home and binge bought a bunch of indie polishes. So I am looking forward to that later this month.

Chic From Ears To Tail is from the The Couture de Minnie line and is a lovely bright pink. It reminds me of bubblegum, and as I am a huge fan of pink I had to pick it up. Now that I am home I am wishing I got the rest!

I will say it has a creme finish, but there is a little bit of pink and silver shimmer hiding in there so well that 99.9% of the time you won't be seeing it. You can see it in the bottle, but once it's on you have to catch the right light for it to show.

Natural Light - Shade 

Since I was quickly losing light I took a picture outside with no cleanup so that you could see how lovely it is.   I used two coats, and the application was a little more streaky than I am used to from OPI, even with pastels. Although it did self correct for the most part so any parts that the streaky-ness (that's a word really!) effected ended up self correcting. I will do a proper swatch later on this week, I just was too excited right now to stop. 

Natural light - Shade w/ Flash on top

I goofed around with it after while watching the new Arrested Development, but it was too dark by the time I finished that I only got pre-cleanup pictures in natural light. I put You're A Pisa Work over top, and a few dots of GOSH Nero.

I do love the colour and the hidden shimmer that only sometimes comes out to play, which I think is really great about this polish. Although I might put some polish thinner in my bottle a little later to make it more manageable. It's pretty opaque, and really could use it. It may not be the best application, but I would still say it's worth getting if you don't have a pink like it!

- Anna

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