Wednesday 22 May 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Number 11 Cheapest

 I actually bought Maybelline Pink Cosmo for 1$ because I thought it was the right colour for my nails if I ever finished my Cardassian uniform, and since I never finished it, I have yet to try it. So I get to keep my hidden Star Trek theme for a little bit longer. Which I am trying to go through with until I hit the end of the month, but I might have to just be satisfied with the end of this week.

Pink Cosmo is a sweet light pink and greeny-gold duochrome shimmer, which is a very is a nice, but slightly odd colour. Although the colour is ideal for what I bought it for, it is not my favourite polish to work with. It was a little streaky and so sheer it took about 4 coats before it covered my nail line, but if I held my nails up I could still easy see though them. At least I know that now so if I wear this again I know how long it's going to take to do.

Natural Light - Maybelline Pink Cosmo, and Sally Hansen Graphite Gravity

So here it is at four coats, I did my accent nails with a scales to match with Cardassian skin and I was pretty happy with the results.

 I used a stamp of Sally Hansen Graphite Gravity which is a magnetic polish, but also it's a dark colour and that was what I needed. It also fits under cheapest as my second cheapest at about 1.50$. It was surprisingly fantastic to stamp, and it was enough off an off black that it matched with the colour. 

Natural Light 

I added black gems to top it off since I think of studded black plastic when I think Cardassian. I also threw a topcoat of GOSH Matte on the nails that I did the scales on and I think I actually like this colour better when it's matte. 

Fluorescent Light

Here you can see the duochrome, which I think is constantly growing on me. Also there is a little wear on my nails at this point since I wore these to work yesterday.

Natural - light shade.

I am not in love with this colour, or at least for normal nails, but I do like it enough for what I bought it for. If you love this colour I would wear this over another colour so that you don't have to do 4 or more coats.

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- Anna

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  1. I think that's a good color for a dollar! I like the designs you did as well. Good job!

    1. Yea for the price it was worth it, even if it takes a few coats to look good :)

      Thank you very much!