Thursday 23 May 2013

I am obsessed with Hannibal lately, so I did a Hannibal theme on my nails!

I have been horribly obsessed with the Hannibal TV show since it came out, I pretty much just watch the show right away and then re watch it until the new show comes out. Since today is Thursday and it's on today, I decided to do my nails with the theme. Even though it puts a break in my startrek inspired nails, I just had to!

OPI Alpine Snow, GOSH Nero, GOSH Miss Mole, GOSH With a Twist, 
Zoya Trixie, Sally Hansen Wine Allusion

My thumb was the antlers from the first episode when the hunter was hanging the girls on the deer horns. I used Miss Mole mixed with Nero to make the brown for the antlers, and used a small nail brush to paint the mixed polish onto Alpine Snow. Once I was finished I used a brush to add a 'blood' affect to the nail.

My pointer is based off the latest episode in which Hannibal starts collecting body parts for a dinner party and it shows the lungs on the breadboard. So I used Wine Allusion mixed with alpine snow in different amounts to draw a mini lung on my pointer. 
 Natural Light
 For my middle finger I drew mushrooms growing on top of each other, like the mushrooms that were growing from the murder victims in the show titled 'Amuse-Bouche'. I used Miss Mole and With a Twist both alone and mixed with different amounts of Alpine snow to get the colours, although it ended up mostly covered by the blood splatter on top.
Natural light

On my ring finger I did the Hannibal mask from the movie. I did this by  starting with one coat of Nero, and then used With a twist to draw the mask. On top I used Miss Mole to add the darker shades  to the mask and another mix of Miss mole and Alpine Snow to do the lighter parts. I used Zoya Trixie and a fine brush to add the bars to the mask, used my dotting tool with Nero to add the holes in the mask in the right spots.

My pinky is just a blood spatter using two different brushes.

Fluorescent light

Anyway, I really had fun with this, even though they aren't 'pretty' nails. I just hope that this show gets another season!

- Anna

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  1. Such a creative and cool way to express yourself! I just wish I had thought of it! (;