Sunday 26 May 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Number 12 Glitter

I actually ended up doing this early because I am going to be out of town, and so I can post it on the day without having to worry about typing it all up and taking pictures while I am not at home. So this mani is like 3 days ago.

I saw Glitter and I knew I wanted to do Orion Syndicate nails as my last Star Trek nails. I wanted green to match Orion skin, so I picked Green Meadow from Quo by ORLY which is such a pretty green. I then picked Greed by GOSH as my gold pressed latinum sparkles. 

Natural Light - Sun

I did two coats of Green Meadow and I was pretty impressed by how lovely it was. The brush is nice and thick and it's short enough that it is super easy to apply. The formula was also really nice, it was thick and fairly opaque. One coat you can see though, but two coats were good although I did do them pretty thick. I also adore this colour.  

 Fluorescent Light

Over Green Meadow I put one very thin coat of Greed, trying to avoid getting too much glitter in the first coat. I really like greed because it is large gold hexes, medium gold hexes, small gold circle glitter and small rainbow glitter in clear base with gold shimmer. It's very pretty. 

 Natural Light -Shade

To get more glitter at the top I put a swipe on a sponge and sponged it on to the polish. I also placed the rhinestones on the accent nails and I ended up really really liking this look. 

 Close up so you can see the glitter

Natural Light - Shade

After I hung out with my sister and I couldn't resist taking a picture with our hands together. I love baby hands.

Me and my sisters baby 

one normal coat of Greed (I was careful not to get much glitter at the top)

You can really see the gold shimmer in Greed here I and how it looks when light is catching it, and when it isn't. Both polishes were awesome, and easy to work with. I have had this polish on for the last three days now and I don't even want to take it off. That never happens to me, I can't stop looking at my hands.

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- Anna

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  1. Beautiful! I love the green!

    1. Thank you, yes that green is so pretty it's crazy!

  2. That green with the gold shimmer is so pretty. I am seriously such a sucker for pretty bases with pretty shimmers. >_<

    1. Actually the shimmer is from the gold :) Greed (The gold) has a shimmer base with all the gold hexes in it. Part of why I love it so much.