Monday 17 June 2013

My dream polish, Between Two Worlds by Fanchromatic Nails

I have been waiting for this polish for only a short time as Lynae from Fanchromatics is awesome and sent them right away. I was actually surprised to receive them so soon. Even though I only ordered Between Two Worlds recently, I have been lusting over it for just over a year I would say. It was the polish I always thought about, yet due to moving a lot I never felt good about ordering as I wouldn't know where to send it.

I wanted to play with all the polishes I ordered, but then I fell off my bike and hurt my wrist, so I couldn't really manage more than one colour since I don't have a lot of movement with the swelling. Since I felt like this polish stand out enough on it's own,  I picked it out as the polish I would try first from my order.

 Left - two coats of Stand By Your Manny by NOPI, one top coat of Between Two Worlds.
Right - Two coats of Between Two Worlds on it's own.

I adore this polish, I found the application flawless. I love the lilac coloured jelly that the glitter is in, and the glitter is an amazing mix of copper, green (holographic), and brown hexes and smaller silver and green circles. I love how much glitter this polish has, as you can see in the nail I did one coat over Stand By Your Manny, it has great coverage. 

Natural Light - Sun
Two coats Stand By Your Manny and two coats Between Two Worlds.

I used it over another polish as it is a jelly base so there will be nail line if you don't use a lot of coats, but I love how it looks in any light, I am 100% in love with this polish!  The glitter came out really even and dried pretty fast, so I didn't feel like I was waiting forever while I waited to put the next coat on.

Natural Light - Shade

The polish is based off of Tora Ziyal a character from Star Trek DS9, she is one of my favourites, which is how I found this lovely polish in the first place. The character is caught between her Bajorian heritage and her Cardassian father, so the name is perfect for her. 

Natural Light

Over all it is my new favourite glitter polish and is for sure something really special. I can't wait to try out the other polishes that I ordered with this one.

 - Anna

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  1. So that is what happened to you! Not the luckiest bodypart to hurt for a nailblogger! Speedy recovery :)
    I must say I understand why this is your new favorite glitter. I love all (well, almost!) of these unique glitter polishes that you don't see everyone else wear too :)

    1. I actually also snapped my thumb nail too, but I am just using nail band-aids until it grows out a little more :p At least I didn't break any of the other nails lol.

      It's so weird and lovely, unique glitters are the best! I actually really wanna see it on a black now. So glad I got the full sized bottle :D

    2. Ouch. I just hate it when it happens haha :p