Wednesday 12 June 2013

OPI - Chic From Ears To Tail

Ahhh so I finally got around to doing this one. I have been wanting to do it since I got it, but binge watching Hannibal has gotten in the way of my free time. 

Here is Chic From Ears To Tail with three coats. Since as I mentioned before it's a little streaky I used three thin coats and it auto corrected enough that you can't really tell too much by the look of my nails.
Natural Light - Shade
The polish is pretty opaque, and I have used it in dotting before without seeing the polish under it. So it does have that going for it. I think it would be cute in a water marble, it would look like candy.

 Natural Light - Sun
It has silver shimmer in the polish, but it really is a creme finish as you never really see the shimmer unless you are looking at the bottle. On application it pretty much disappears. 

 Fluorescent Light
 Fluorescent Light
Do you see the flecks of silver shimmer in that close-up? they are there I promise. It shows up about this well in real life too, so don't expect anyone to notice the shimmer unless they are an inch from your nails in direct sunlight.

But to me it doesn't matter, I love the creme look and the colour is so pretty it blows my mind how much I love it. In the end it's worth it, this is the third time, I think, I've worn it since I got it and I still am enjoying having it despite the streaky application. 

- Anna

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