Thursday 13 June 2013

GOSH Holographic Hero

Yea I love it too much so I tried it on a slightly more sunny day, although it still wasn't that sunny. So I did two coats of it this time, since that really is enough. It went on just as nice, I really love this polish.

I figured I should show you all how lovely it is when it isn't being covered by another polish.

Natural Light - Low Sun

I tried to get the shine to really go, so that it would look like the awesome holo it is, but it just wasn't that sunny since we had cloud coverage over half the sun. That is the problem with living on the wet coast.

Natural Light - Low Sun

I put a topcoat on my ring finger, can you tell? 

 Natural Light - Low Sun

Natural Light - Low Sun

You get the idea, it is well worth picking up if you can find it. If all polishes acted like this I would change polish way more often because it's so easy to work with. Are all holos like this? 

- Anna

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  1. I'm just a sucker for holos so I definitely love this! It's so funny you bought 3 of it :D
    I find my holos easy to work with too, both in application and removal - every polish should be like that!

    1. I just have a thing for GOSH :p I donno why, but I feel like I need them more than other polishes... I was thinking I might give one away at some point, but for 3$ I couldn't just leave them there lol!!

      It's like a magnetic polish in how easy it is to remove.