Sunday 9 June 2013

Gosh - Holographic Hero fun!

I have been looking for GOSH Holographic Hero everywhere. It never came to my town when it came out so I missed it, and when I started hunting it down it was always all out. It was my big lemming, which is a little weird because I don't really like holos, but I didn't want to get it off ebay because I have a lack of trust in what I will get. I had been to about 27 different stores in different towns (as only Shoppers carries it in Canada) and I have never seen a trace of it.

Just as I was saddling up to buy it of ebay, I already put money on my credit card I had to go away for a day to a small town nearby when I went into the shoppers I auto checked out the GOSH polish and there it was. Not only was it there, but it was on sale for 3$. I almost cried I was so excited so I bought both bottles they had and went to the only other shoppers in that town and picked up the last bottle there as well.

 Natural Light - Sun

I had to put it on right away, I just used it with GOSH Nero, and I adore it. I used three coats, but it was fine with two, I just couldn't stop putting it on to watch it look non-holo and then go all holo. It was flawless to put on, the best application maybe ever, I am in love with this polish. I think the dots ended up looking like a ton of little googly eyes looking at me, so I really like it! It also dried really fast, which was nice.

 Natural Light - Sun

I just free handed the strips and used my dotting tool to make the dots, on my accent nails I just used tape and my dotting tools.  I have been chopping my fingers up lately, I even got a paper cut on my thumb so sorry that they are looking a little rough.

 Natural Light - Sun

I had too much fun with this. I love the colours, but it wasn't the brightest day so the pictures aren't showing it in it's true glory. I am content and am going to roll around in joy for a while, I wanted this so bad and it lived up to every dream I had for it.

- Anna

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  1. Wow, this is great! The lines in the triangles are done so perfect! I tried to do a chrevon design yesterday, and it's just so ugly and uneven, specially compared with yours :)

    1. thank you! :D I actually use tape for that, because I wanted it to be super clean and the black dries fast since it only needed one coat. Plus I am terrrrrrrible at straight lines because I have shaky hands :p

      Your chevrons looked really great for freehand, I could probably never do that.