Wednesday 19 June 2013

GOSH Berry Me

Since I still had a little swelling in my wrist I decided to do one colour, I picked Berry Me, which makes me think 'Bury Me' instead every time I see it.

This is from the GOSH Winter Collection, and I am very happy with it. I had heard that this polish stains so I used two base coats under and  I had no staining after two days.  (yes I normally post a day or two after I put a polish on to see if there is an issue with the wear.)


I used two coats, but one would be okay if you don't mind a faint nail line. Like most GOSH polish it awesomely opaque. The formula was really nice on this, and way happy to smooth on.

 Natural Light - Shade

I really liked this polish colour too, it reminds me of grape punch. The colour in the sun picture is pretty much the right colour (on my computer anyway), but I feel like it's a little prettier in real life. 

 Natural Light - Sun

I really like this polish, I like the creme finish and just having the lovely colour on my nails.

- Anna

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