Monday 24 June 2013

Fanchromatic Nails - Rebel Heart

This is another one of the polishes I bought from Fanchromatics nails, it's name is Rebel Heart. It is one of the best glitter polishes I have ever seen. I am already in love with Fanchromatics after trying two polishes.

Rebel heart is an amazing red-orange shimmer, it had both gold and red micro-flakes, and two sizes of gold hexes and mini gold circles.

I did no cleanup before taking pictures so don't let that take away from the pure love that is Rebel Heart.

Natural Light- Low Sun
When I first saw pictures online I thought it just looked okay and bought it purely because it was Star Trek themed. I have never been so wrong about a polish.

On my thumb and ring I put it over OPI Kennebunk-Port, because I thought it would need something under it. I think it is a good idea, just so that you can use only one or two coats of Rebel Heart, but I honestly don't really see that much of Kennebunk-Port under it, since it is a very cherry red colour.

Natural Light- Low Sun

I dabbed Rebel Heart over GOSH Nero on the rest of my fingers, just to test how it would cover on black. I Think it worked wonderfully, although I ended up liking it better on the second test when I did a much thinner coat. 

Natural Light- Low Sun

Rebel Heart is named after the Star Trek character Kira Nerys who fought as a rebel during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. She was later a Major on DS9 where she worked as the first officer with a Federation Commander. She has strength, and so much passion to fight for what she believes in, I think this polish fits her better than anything.

Natural Light- Low Sun

This is just a test to see how smooth other polishes would go over and just to see what a thin back coat looks like. I really like it both ways, the polish applies super easy just like the other one I got. 100% would recommend, and I already personally regret that I only got a mini-bottle. I will for sure buy a full bottle when this runs out. 

- Anna

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  1. Oh, another great indie polish! I really like how it looks on your thumb and ringfinger!
    And it's so funny when your passion for Star Trek just shines through :D

    1. I am so impressed with her polish, I honestly really want to buy a ton more since they seem to all have great formulas.

      lol, I can't help it. I actually got these in a binge buy where I bought a ton of Star Trek themed polishes. :p

    2. Oh binge buying. I need to do that more often, insted of just buying 1 or 2 at the time!
      I will look forward to more Star Trek ;)

    3. I normally buy just a few at a time, but sometimes I am at home having a beer, and I find a few polishes I want, and then it's like an hour later and I just bought like 15 polishes online :p

      Haha good, because I have some to work though yet!

  2. Just to let you know, FanChromatic nails has been using one of your swatches from this review on their etsy page: