Thursday 25 July 2013

Mint nails for Talia Joy

Recently Talia Joy passed away from cancer, last Friday everyone was meant to post mint coloured nails. I didn't have time this weekend to do it because my aunt was visiting.

I have also lost two of my grandparents to cancer, and one of my aunts struggles with skin cancer. Last month I lost an uncle to cancer that had moved to his brain, so I felt like this was something I really wanted to take part in.

Natural light - Sun

I used GOSH Venus on my pointer, and Layla Platinum Sky for my ring finger. They were my two non-mint coloured nails, but I felt like they went really well with the two mints I had picked out. I ended up stamping wings on them both, because it felt fitting.

The two mints I used are GOSH Miss Minty, and Maybelline Mint Mist. My pinkie is Mint mist with Miss minty dotted on top and the other one is the opposite.

 Natural Light - Shade

I finished a bottle of my normal topcoat and like an idiot thought "oh I should use up my Sache before I start on the next one", annnd it wrinkled my thumb and ring finger polish. 

That is all for today.

- Anna

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