Friday 5 July 2013

Fish scales, with Quo by ORLY Green Meadow

This is a quick filler I did last week before my vacation, because I forgot my camera at a friends so I can't get my newest nail pics off it. I will get it back ASAP but in the mean time, enjoy .

I decided to have some fun with my stamping plate and nail brushes. I love scales of all types so I decided to use the few greens I had at the time (I got three greens while I was in the US) and do scales.

I used a base of two coats of Green Meadow, and then stamped GOSH Nero over it. I wanted to just mess around so I painted GOSH Holographic Hero at the top to give it a super shine and at the bottom I did a little swipe of  Ruby Wing Green Peace.

Natural Light- Shade

Green Peace is a colour changing polish that changes light when it comes in contact with sunlight, which is pretty cool because the scales looked different depending on if I was outside or not (I didn't get any pictures of the dark green it turns, because I took the picture right away as soon as I got outside and it didn't have time to change. Oops). I enjoyed that a lot. Also I did it once on a friends nail and with two coats it has great coverage and is rather smooth, it has nice formula. 

Natural Light - Low Sun

On my thumb I used GOSH Miss Minty and a few strokes of Green Meadow with Nero just to try something different, I am still undecided on it. I also have no clue why none of these are shiny, they are not matte topcoat.

Fluorescent Light

I really do love Green Meadow even if it can be a tiny bit streaky, but not so streaky that you really notice. Overall I was happy with the look and how all the polishes reacted.

- Anna

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  1. Wow this is gorgeous and they look so real :)

    1. Thank you! I am really glad to hear that, they were fun to make.

  2. Wauw, this is really amazing! Holo Hero and Green Peace really give this a cool 3D effect! That was a great "mess around" ;D

    1. Haha thank you! Sometimes things turn out better than I think they will ;)