Sunday 7 July 2013

Baby Deer Inspired Nails

I have my pictures and all is right in the world again. I got a lot of inspiration from my vacation and I was chomping at the bit to do these nails after seeing a fluffy little baby black-tailed deer.

It was all cute and spotty so I couldn't help myself! I used two coats of China Glaze Desert Sun, which is a rather nice polish. It went on nicely, and as always I liked the China Glaze brush. I thought The colour was perfect for a baby deer and I am actually really happy with it. 

Natural Light- Sun

I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff for the baby spots and the tips. I did the tips the way I did because the black tailed deer have the bottom white and then a strip of black and brown on top - so it just felt right. 

He's so fluffy it pains me

I used a brush and GOSH Nero to make the 'fluffy' lines. It went alright.

I got a free mini top and base coat with on of the Quo polishes I got, so I figured I would try it as a topcoat. Not sure if it was because it was a mini, but it went pretty horrible. I got bubbles in the topcoat as well as it softened the polish too much so even though it had been half an hour since I did my nails I got a black drag on my ring finger. This is why I shouldn't mess with a good thing.

Natural Light - Shade

I did the spots with a dotting tool before I put my top coat on, My Vampire Is Buff is opaque enough that I didn't have to double up on the dots which I was very glad for.

Natural Light - Sun

Over all I am really glad with Desert Sun, it is a lovely colour and really nice to put on too. I feel the need to buy more browns after this.

- Anna

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- PS *personal* if anyone wants to see what the Olympic Peninsula looks like I made a small imgur thing of some of the places.


  1. What a cute source of inspiration! That polish seems to be made specially for the purpose of deers ;)

    That Olympic Peninsula really look like a perfect place to spend vacation. They are all great pictures, but the picture of the bridge is really great I think!

    1. I know! I was so happy that it worked out so well :)

      Yea it's pretty fun for like a relaxing vacation. Thank you :)

  2. That baby deer is too cute and so is your mani dedicated to it! I love Desert Sun... I kind of want the whole Safari collection even though it's probably hard to find now XD.

    1. Thank you! Yes me too, I got it at sally's for 3$ while I was in the US. I really like the Safari collection, but this is the only one I have for some reason :D

    2. I don't have any of them haha, I think I might have to get a few! :P

  3. DEER!! Omg I love deer. This mani is awesome, you captured the colors and the cuteness perfectly. <3

    1. haha, yes he is so cute it's crazy! Thank you very much! I love that little guy.

  4. AHHH! So cute! Bravo, what a great job you did.