Friday 29 November 2013

ORLY Hook Up and Covergirl Coral Silk


Yes it has been a while, but things have settled down now that I am out of Uni for the semester. I hope you have all been well too! I bring you some bright nails today!

I started with one coat of OPI Alpine Snow so that I had a white base to work from. Then I used two coats of ORLY Hook Up. It's a little sheer and you could see through it easily, which is why I decided to do strips of Covergirl Coral Silk. It would probably need three or four coats to really become opaque even with the white under it. 

Natural Light - Sun

I used striping tape, to add the Coral Silk. I really loved it's formula. Thick and opaque. It went on really well and I love all coral coloured polishes so it wasn't a surprise I needed it.

Natural light - Shade

The best thing about Hook Up is not only is it a pretty colour, it also has mini flecks in it that sparkle yellow. There aren't that obvious so no one will comment on it unless you stick your fingers in their face but over all I think it looks really great. I am still not sure if it's worth the amount of coats it would probably need to be fully opaque, but it is a nice colour.

Natural Light - Sun

I don't know if I will ever use Hook Up that much more unless it's summer, but Coral Silk was really nice and I would like to use it more often.

I plan to do Christmas themed nails starting next month, so lets see if I will be able to stand it for the whole month.

- Anna

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