Monday 12 August 2013

Stealing From Charity in the sun!

So my grandma is back at home from the hospital, so hopefully I will have an inch of time again. So today I bring you shimmery nails.

I used two coat of Don't Burst My Bubble, a lovely sheer nude. I adore this so much, it made my nails look lighter and they also kept a nice nail line. It pretty just made my nails look better than they really are.

Natural Light - Sun

I added one coat of Stealing From Charity by Fanchromatic Nails (I LOVE IT). I adore this polish , it's amazing glitter polish. I think their site says it best "it's a soft sheen of iridescent red, filled in liberally with gold, copper, silver, and bronze glitter and microflakes in various shapes and sizes.", for real this is my favorite things ever. 

Natural Light - Shade

For my accent nails (thumb and ring finger) I added a thin coat of OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke, just to add a little punch of gold on my nails.
Natural Light - Sun

I adore Stealing From Charity, I left this on for almost five days, and I only had a tiny bit of chipping. It was so pretty, and it looks great in the sun. I need a full size of this, it's so very pretty.

- Anna

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