Tuesday 23 April 2013

Untried Polish Challenge - Number 2 Oldest

I gave my nails the morning off from polish and decided to torture them with my oldest unused next. I am doing them terribly out of order, but as I was going though all my unused polishes I found a very sad looking bottle of gold that I got a few years ago and never tried it because I have so many other gold nail polishes. It  amazingly had not separated even after all this time, but once I started putting it on I was slightly disappointed in how thin it was. I ended up having to put four coats on my nails to get it to look gold and as you can see it didn't even cover that well with that. I am going to blame this on age rather than on the polish but it was spread weird and I got little bumps and ripples over my nails which you can only partly see in the pictures. 

 Pre-cleanup L√íreal Paris - Jet lag
Right hand and left hand.
It also came out very yellow/gold, I probably won't be getting another one of these since I am very happy with my gold from GOSH.   
I would say I won`t be using even this bottle again, I may end up trading it to Zoya for their earth day polish exchange that goes until the 26th. Also getting 50% off an order can`t hurt since I have not yet tried their polishes.

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 If you would like to join in on this challenge check out Just Add Polish for all the rules and information.

- Anna


  1. I love what you did with the microbeads - don't think I'd have the patience for that, but it looks great :)

    1. It actually doesn't take too long once you get started :)Thank you!